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Mission Statement

This Project was created by me as an attempt to help advance and educate other Fantasy Sports Fanatics such as myself. I plan for this site to become a tight knit community of players who all strive for the highest of success in Daily Fantasy Sports. Unlike many other Fantasy Sports sites this is a website created by the players for the players and i will keep it that way. With that being said i am always open to hear any ideas or suggestions that would help make this site, our products and the services we offer even better in fact i highly encourage it. This project is currently a one man operation which requires a lot of my personal time and money but i do it for love and most importantly i do it for you.


About Me

I am serious DFS player who plays over $1,000 per week of DFS tournament Entries with about 70% accuracy and All lineups that are presented here are exclusive to this website, NOT Computer Generated, Are researched every day and used by me personally... So when you win big, i win big and if you take a loss, we take it together. As you know DFS can be very time consuming trying to keep up with injuries, player trades, player news, studying match ups, and so on and as you know sometimes the real world gets in the way and you just don't have the time for it. There is a few types of players in DFS: Some who play occasionally for fun to make watching the actual game more entertaining, some who play frequently for fun hoping to get lucky, and those players such as myself who see DFS as an investment and play everyday for a living. No matter what type of player you are, you can rest assured knowing you have somebody who takes your investment serious and wants to see you win. So Let us do the leg work. While you reap the rewards.