Why Use Our Service

Why Use Our Service?

When you use our services you are not just purchasing 3 fantasy line ups for $5,  You are purchasing the time, effort and research that goes into creating those great lineups. We consistently produce winning lineups with a high return on investment and being that we are Fantasy Sports Fanatics ourselves, We play every single Lineup we create and sell to the public. Hows that for product Confidence eh? The best thing about our service is that there is no commitment, unlike those other fantasy sports sites that want to charge you anywhere from $20- $60 per month for membership. We feel that all our members should be able to use our service as little or as much as they want and not feel obligated to use the service simply because their paying for it monthly. In short, for anyone who may be skeptical, the best advice i could give is for you to spend the $5 and try 3 of our Lineups for yourself. You wont regret it.